Coding and Billing Compliance has never been as important as it is today. A quick review of the headlines shows us the depth and breadth of the issue. In 2013, state and Federal agencies recovered over $3 Billion from healthcare providers under theories of false claims. In addition, Medical Identity Theft rose 20%.

MRI is pleased to announce its Coding and Billing 2018 Compliance Package. This package, designed with the assistance of industry leaders, provides a comprehensive approach to the issue that compliance is not just a piece of paper. It requires a plan of action.

Here is a description of MRI’s Coding and Billing Compliance Package:

  • A Compliance Plan document tailored to meet your practice’s status
  • Employee Acknowledgment Statement of  Coding and Billing Compliance Plan
  • Co-Pay or Deductible Waiver Policy
  • Patient Request for Waiver of Co-Pay or Deductible
  • On-Demand online staff training
  • 60 minute private consultation (typically by telephone) for guidance on compliance issues and questions
  • Telephone hotline number for staff to report Coding and Billing Compliance issues
  • Coding and Billing Compliance Log to assist in documenting compliance efforts
  • Access to and electronic reminders for the use software to analyze billing/coding over the spectrum of other physicians/practices of your medical specialty in your state.
  • Business Associate Agreements for software providers, collection agencies and other vendors
  • If you outsource your practice’s billing/coding, the following is provided: Compliant Business Associate Agreement to use with your  billing/coding agent; Assistance with your arrangement with the billing/coding agent via review of existing contract or by providing sample contract for use of billing/coding agent.
Call Medical Risk Institute to customize your Coding and Billing Compliance plan today…812.241.8995.

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