Hassle-Free Coding and Billing Compliance Plan Development?


Yes, it’s possible.


Cut development time by more than half

Lower legal fees by up to 75%

Reduce the risk of a coding and billing audit

A coding and billing compliance plan is required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Yet, many practices still don’t have one.

If yours is one of them, or your plan has gone unread for the last several years, you are not alone. In either case, your practice is at risk.

MRI’s complete solution includes customized documents and forms for the plan, an analysis of E/M coding patterns, on demand training, legal guidance, and phone support.


All for one, common sense price.

Your practice receives:

  • An analysis of E/M code patterns to identify areas of risk
  • Forms, policies, and documentation that’s tailored to your practice
  • A step by step guide for conducting an internal audit
  • Guidance for handling disclosures, when you identify an issue
  • Unlimited use of on demand training – for current staff and all new hires
  • Business Associate Agreements for third party billers and other vendors
  • 60 minutes of attorney phone consultation
  • A telephone hotline for staff to report potential violations
  • And more!


The cost for a group of 1-4 providers ranges from $2,250 – $2,750.