AmSpa On-Demand HIPAA Education and Certification


What You Get

  • Health Care Attorney Led Training
  • Information Packed Self-Paced Training
  • Multimedia Visual Demonstrations
  • Quiz Following Course Training
  • Participant Certificate For Documentation of Training

During this course, participants learn:

  • The Anatomy of a Breach
  • Top 5 Causes of a Data Breach
  • How to Prevent Breaches
  • Economics of HIPAA
  • Economics of a PHI/e-PHI Breach
  • Importance of Vetting Business Associates

When Your Aesthetician Declares Free Agency: Preventing Former Employees from Stealing Your Patients

AestheticianIt is all too common that an Aesthetician will switch practices and believe that they can recruit large numbers of former patients with them.

Is this legal? How do we prevent this type of behavior? What are its implications under state and Federal laws?

All these questions and more will be answered in this 45 minute webinar.

Additionally, registrants will receive template document to use with Aestheticians advising them of their legal obligations to the practice and the potential penalties for violating these obligations.

Marketing to Patients: How to Keep It Legal

These two 30-minute webinars will provide a legal overview and recommendations for medical marketing and will cover: E-mail Campaigns: From MailChimp to HIPAA


  • Testimonials.  How to Navigate Through this Legal and Ethical Minefield
  • What You Have in Common with Wilfred Brimley: The Federal Trade Commission
  • Use of before and after photographs
  • Your Practice’s Website: Avoiding Real Risks When Marketing in a Virtual World
  • New social media guidelines from the Federation of State Medical Boards
  • Use of sites such as Groupon, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • And much more…

Everything You Need to Know About Opting Out of Medicare

With the ACA looming, and the Medicare fee schedule still unsettled because of the SGR decision delay, more physicians are considering opting out of Medicare. Opting out is a big decision. Make sure you have all the facts before you take the leap.This is a fast-paced, 45-minute Webinar that delivers facts and tools to help you decide if opting out is right for you.

Karen Zupko, President of KarenZupko & Associates, and attorney Michael Sacopulos, Founder & President of Medical Risk Institute, will explain how to:

  • Evaluate the decision based on Medicare and beneficiary data in your state
  • Prepare office staff for educating patients about the change
  • Develop forms and processes that ensure the practice follows Medicare’s communication and disclosure guidelines for patients