Unhappy patients, advertising attorneys, and lottery jury verdicts all make for a disquieting environment for healthcare providers. Liability exposures need to be addressed. Utilizing MRI’s vast knowledge-base and expertise can help your organization in a number of ways:

  • Claims are expensive. They are expensive in terms of financial resources and human resources, even if the claim lacks merit. Your resources are best utilized in the exam room, not the court room.
  • MRI is on the leading-edge in terms of identifying new risks and areas of exposure. Threats do not just come in the form of surgical errors and missed diagnosis. New theaters of danger exist such as social media and electronic medical records. We have the experience and know-how to not only do the homework and identify these evolving pitfalls, but completely guide you through this step learning curve.
  • MRI instruction is engaging and practical. Beyond expertise in the field, we are comprised of trained professional communicators, who have been selected to serve as legal analysts for national organizations and publications. Both information and presentation meet the highest standards.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing you have done everything possible to guard against claims provides confidence and comfort to staff. There is more to risk management than practicing good medicine and writing a premium check. By moving from risk management to risk mitigation, your organization will replace fear with the feeling of assurance.

Your resources are best utilized in the exam room, not the court room.

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Our Methodology

We appreciate the demanding schedules of our clients and make every effort to understand and serve your needs without being burdensome in the process:

  1. We suggest starting with an introductory meeting by phone to assess your interests, goals, and professional liability exposure. By fully understanding your unique nature, we are better able to assist you.
  2. Next, we will craft a proposal for your consideration that offers flexibility of options and clarity of detail.
  3. Finally, we will visit your facility and conduct a customized program that includes group discussion, one-on-one counsel, and the helpful educational materials you need to be successful.

MRI is committed to the long term medico-legal security of our clients. We will work to keep you up to date on new risks, and we stand ready to answer your questions by telephone.


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