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Do We Have to Return Plan Overpayments?

The short answer is, yes. Did your mother teach you nothing? Of course, you must return money that isn’t yours. In fact, to be compliant with Medicare and most commercial payers, once you discover an overpayment, you’ve got to refund it within 60 days. Sadly, I still speak with physicians who believe it’s okay to […]

Test Your Knowledge About Passwords

Did you know that more than 60% of all confirmed data breaches involve the leveraging of weak, stolen, or default passwords? One of your practice’s frontline defenses for avoiding the phishing  attacks and other cybercriminal schemes is effective password management. How well are you managing yours? Take this short (and fun) quiz to find out. […]

7 Social Media Policy Must-Haves

You’ve undoubtedly heard the national news stories of hospital employees posting photographs of anesthetized celebrities to their own personal Facebook pages. Or, the surgeon who enjoyed taking photographs of patients’ genitalia in the O.R., and sending them to staff.  This takes the concept of “sharing is caring” a bit too far. Common sense and decency […]